This place is so eclectic, fun, clean, restful, friendly, must see!
Magnolia Market
We’re such babies, LOL. After about an hour and 15 minutes of driving from Dallas to Austin, I had to drain the pipe & was starving.  Mind you that I drink four 16oz glasses of water every morning upon waking & because I practice intermittent fasting, I do not eat anything for 16 hours. Usually from 8pm to 12 noon.  My last meal was at 7pm & it’s now 2:30pm. Which means that I haven’t had solid food for 17+ hours.  Do a search on “intermittent fasting” to learn more all the benefits.
Magnolia MarketMagnolia Market has a large general store, large field of artificial grass to play on, swings for the kiddos, large dirt play area & most important food trucks! Magnolia Market Grub Pack
There are plenty of picnic tables to relax and eat under the sun & shaded areas under an outdoor pavilion.  We picked up a greens drink, a BBQ dish that had Fritos, cheese, red beans & topped worry BBQ brisket, was delicious. Magnolia Market Grass Feed Sausage BiscuitAnd grass feed beef sausage with eggs on a butter biscuit, yummy as well.
Magnolia Market Food TrucksLifestyle Design:  I had a couple quick conversations with some of the food truck vendors, got their business cards & will add them to my open prospect list.
Going to be offering Merchant Services & possibly a couple other business services.  Which means the trip to Magnolia & the meal can be a tax write-off 😉
Waco Millage Deduction

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