Wealth Building Blueprint a FREE 3 hour Course

Wealth Building Blueprint a FREE 3 hour Course

I just finished this course and am quite impressed at how Vick lays it out in simple terms, easy to understand and follow. Many of the concepts that he covers aren’t new but when you watch how he connects them together and explains in a very relate-able language, it all makes a whole lot more sense to me. Vick literally went from rags to riches, from washing dishes to making over $200K a month to owning multi-million dollar businesses. I’m so happy that I spent a little over 2 hours last night learning his Wealth strategies instead of watching TV!

This course is FREE for a limited time y’all, if you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or someone that wants to own your own business one day, I highly recommend taking this course while it’s still FREE.


A Wealth Building Model

Money strategies of the rich vs broke and how to handle your money like the rich do.

The 6 Sacred Accounts

How to manage your money with certainty, bring order to your finances, and follow a proven model of the rich.

Tax Allocation

How to never worry about how you’re going to pay taxes. Follow this strategy and your taxes will always be paid on time. A lesson Vick learned the hard way, and how this strategy helped him change everything around fast.

Wealth Generation

How to virtually create your own “goose” that lays golden eggs with systematically, with ease without frustration and overwhelm.

The Universal Law of Prosperity

How to align yourself with the universal law of prosperity and open a channel for receiving great abundance into your life.

Personal Control & Structure

How to bring order to your personal life and household’s financial well being so you’ll never have to worry about not having enough money for your personal use and enjoyment.

Business Financial Structure

How to bring order to your business and financial operations account so that you’ll always have enough money for business expansion and growth.

Income Creation Strategies

Ideas and strategies for creating income like the rich do, so that you’ll never have to worry about not having enough money.

Actionable Steps

You’ll learn exactly how to start implementing these strategies in your life starting today.

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