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TinTin is no one special, there’s nothing he can do that you can’t learn with practice and dedication. He has failed at countless businesses, projects, jobs, you name it, he’s failed at it, at least once. He barely graduated from high school with the exact bare-minimum number of credits to walk the stage. He tried college for 2 semesters, just so he can qualify for financial aid but lost financial-aid by not attending classes. He was fired from Pizza Hut and let go from Macy’s. He has no special degree or certification, he’s just an average person.

TinTin 5 years old
5 Year Old TinTin

TinTin is an immigrant who escaped Communist Vietnam with his sister and aunt at the age of 7. Their small ship was stranded on the seas for weeks, robbed by pirates and had ran out of supplies when God answered their prayers. They were rescued by a U.S. naval ship and towed to the Philippines where they stayed in a refugee camp for nearly 2 years before being legally accepted to enter into the U.S.

In the 4th grade, while living in a 1 bedroom apartment, his father worked days and sometimes weeks away from home, so he and his 11 year old sister took care of themselves. TinTin and his sister grocery shopped with food stamps on their own and since they did not know how to cook, lunch and dinner for most nights were ramen, rice, and hotdog. On special nights dinner was a Hersheys chocolate bar and a Coke. They had to wake up by 5 AM every day because school for them was on the other side on the city. Every day they rode the city bus from the east side into downtown Houston TX, then caught another bus to the west side of town for school. With no supervision, TinTin wandered downtown a lot. That is where he discovered Woolworth, a popular discount store back in the ’80s. He found that he could buy $0.10 toys on clearance with his lunch money and resell the toys at school for $1.00. That was the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey…

In 1995, at the age of 22 TinTin borrowed $17,000 from his uncles and opened a speed shop. He knew nothing about cars or starting a business but he had a burning desire for import drag racing and he followed his dreams of opening up Speed Image Performance and Accessories. For nearly 10 years, they were blessed to be the premier speed shop in the heart of Silicone Valley, San Jose, CA.

After 10 years in the auto industry, TinTin sold Speed Image and purchased a 20,000 square foot restaurant/night club in downtown San Jose and named it Deep Restaurant and Lounge. He and his partners spent nearly $1 Million Dollars on the entire project. Deep Restaurant and Lounge was the talk of the town & sold out countless nights. But after a year, the restaurant was loosing so much money that they had to close the restaurant side of the business. In their 2nd year, due to heavy competition they had to sell the night club at a huge loss. To add insult to injury… At this same time was the 2008 housing crisis and TinTin had to also foreclose on his home in the hillside Silver Creek Ranch community which at its peak was valued at $1.2 Million.

Even after 2 huge back to back losses, TinTin did not give up his entrepreneur dreams. By 2010 TinTin had started a handful of businesses… Including opening a Farmers Insurance Agency, became a licensed mutual funds securities agent with New York Life and a merchant services independent sales agent. At the end of 2010, he and his wife decided to pack up everything, close all the businesses, she quit her job and they moved their family to the Dallas, TX area. Now with 3 kids and no place of their own, they rented a room from relatives. There TinTin and Cherielyn launched an online false eyelashes company called Model 21 Eyelashes and started selling on Amazon as Cherielyn began an accelerated nursing program while working for Delta Airlines. They were doing okay and lived comfortably but not really getting ahead. At the end of 2012, an opportunity was presented to them in the direct sales, network marketing industry, which they had said “absolutely NOT” to the opportunity but after a few months and being asked for the 3rd time, they finally said “yes” to the opportunity. In hindsight, this “yes” completely changed their lives in an amazing way.

Their new home business grew rapidly within 6 months in the business Cherielyn quit her job at Delta and within 2 years they earned a brand new Lexus. And after 5 years they achieved the top income level in their network marketing company along with winning a ton of prizes, another brand new Lexus and 2 all-expense paid 5-star trips to Maui, Hawaii and Cannes, France. Because of the time freedom and financial freedom from their direct sales business, TinTin was able to turn his hobby of shooting sports into a business and launched their 2nd online business,Wicked Industries an online AR-15 Performance Parts and Accessories Store.

TinTin and Cherielyn are blessed with 5 beautiful children and for the past 7 years, they have been full-time work from home entrepreneurs or really work from anywhere there’s WiFi. They earning multiple 6 figures and are blessed to be able to travel 4-5 times a year. Some of their favorite destinations are Paris, Barcelona, Montreal, Vancouver, Cancun, Hawaii, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco.

TinTin shares his story with you NOT to brag or to impress you… BUT to impress upon you, that success is possible for anyone… Your current circumstances do NOT define you. If TinTin can do it, YOU can as well… All you need is the burning desire to succeed and the willingness to take action today. Have a NO quit, persist and consistent mindset by doing daily activities, little by little… Your success is around the next bend.

TinTin’s passion is to help Entrepreneurs and Network Marketers find success fast, while designing a healthy lifestyle that you absolutely love.

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